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I’ve always struggled with WHERE in the world do people throw away those mighty BUT dead batteries? Old Cell phones? I have an enourmous, over-filled drawer full of old cell phones and old batteries. How about you? What is your solution?

‘Battery Container’

Well there is a fabulous answer! I was traveling with a group and was in Madrid for a couple of weeks for a 5-week language intensive program. This is what I found at every bus stop. I know the United States has an almost (disgusted) fear of public transportation (I am still wondering why?), but this could be a start. So why not at the mall? or department store strip? Colleges? I know there are some battery recylcing facilities, but how often do you pass one with your bag full of dead batteries?

[SIDENOTE] Why are these not common here? GO RIO dE JANEIRO, Brazil!

In the U.S it isn’t rare that you can put all your recycling into ONE bin? what’s your excuse?

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