I’ve let you down, but not to fear…

…The nostalgia has set it. So although all of you have been disappointed in my non-existent travel blogging skills; I’ll write everything I can remember from day uno until the end of the wonderful summer journey. (At least it should be comfort that I didn’t write because I was so busy LIVING the life of a traveler?…no? okay, I’ll try better next time).


I am extremely excited to let you know that the journey(s) do not end here. Hopefully for my junior year of College (so next year,WAHHOUUU!!) I will be traveling to either Argentina or Uruguay for 6 months and then Morocco for the next 6 OR United Arab Emirates (UAE) and then Morocco OR Morocco for a year. You can tell just how sure I am of everything. But feat not, this time I promise I will write, BEFORE the nostalgia sets in.

First random fact about Oviedo, España:

STATUES; I mean everywhere. I’m going to say this but don’t come hunt me down if it isn’t the official truth.  Oviedo is the city of Statues; they are everywhere!

My favorite is the one of Woody Allen. That is right; Woody Allen loves Oviedo. My friend, Melissa lived in the apartment building right in front of the dear stoned Allen. (She didn’t realize this until 3 days later, she and I have some pretty funny navigation stories; stay tuned…)

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