Nonchalant feelings of the unknown melt away…


It’s coming close to departure date (four more days)! I am starting to not be so ‘balzé’ about the whole struggling to communicate with everyone part of the journey. It’s been so much excitment for the past 4 months and I cannot believe that… Well, for one I survived my first year of college! (Couldn’t have done it without the love and support of my beautiful and spirited friends; a million thank you’s!). Pero now?  my nerves are almost surpassing my excitment…almost. Although now, with this whole new Dr.Laird inspired philosophy “embrace and enjoy the struggle” I feel ready to push the limits.

Ashley and I have decided that when we get there we will create a happy, ‘bring our spirits up’ dance, so that everytime we feel lonely or frustrated we know it’s time to DANCE!

As I embark on this trip I’m also going through a personal journey of mental and physical stability. This year has been really tough, both physically and mentally. & I could not do another year like this past one, so goal #2 for the summer? Finding balance.

As I slowly start getting everything packed and ready, I am slowly getting my running lungs back, it’s been a while and it isn’t welcoming me back with open arms (again this whole struggling thing :P). Anyways I am hoping to run the Athens Half-Marathon again and hopefully this time with Amelia. (wootwoot)!

Off to more packing and running.

laughs & love,
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